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Established in 1998, Sanma is a Grand Prairie, Texas based 501 (c) 3 organization. Your gifts are tax-deductible.



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God is honored in the production process at Sanma Bible Press. We are not a commercial printer that prints huge quantities of everything. Sanma Bible Press is a smaller operation that is exclusive for Bible printing. Ministers of the Word come together to pray for the places and people that need Bibles, produce these Bibles in their languages and respectfully deliver them where needed.  LEARN MORE

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Sanma Water Wells go beyond just water. They help to heal divisions in the community.

When Jesus was confronted by the effect of a cruel social system of the time that prevented even giving a cup of drink to the thirsty, His offer was not anything to treat the symptom, but a cure that would uproot the cause. The woman would find water that quenches the thirst of her soul. She found strength in joy, became a messenger of peace, healing, good news.   LEARN MORE

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Freedom Goats are a Christian approach to child labor. This program affords supplemental income to families with minimum amount of time and space to be dedicated for it. With some financial freedom, parents of less resourced families can keep their children from having to join the workforce to earn. LEARN MORE



Children living in the slums get sick often because they’re constantly exposed to contaminated soil around their dwellings. When a child is sick, a parent loses the wages, which equates to the basic needs of the very day. To many children a pair of shoes is a cherished gift that their parents can’t afford.

We occasionally distribute shoes for children and teach them of healthy living practices. Some do not have anyone to give them basic lessons about life.  LEARN MORE



A sewing machine affords young women to earn an income at home and gives the ability to resist practices such as human trafficking. Missionary families and members of the church earn a living through this mission. Ordinary people become influential displays of the Gospel. LEARN MORE