The purpose of this site is to share with you what we've learned from doing missions overseas. You can do missions on your own, it doesn't take a lot of money, and no need of an organization. Actually, you're not to do missions. You are the mission. When the world gets to see the effect of the gospel in you, even through your human imperfections, they understand it. No missionary is more effective than the person who is set free with the gospel. If you allow, the Holy Spirit of God can work through what you do, to make the truth known.

Today there are many avenues through which you can be involved in changing lives. The most important avenue, however, is your own life and work. When we started Sanma, the idea of witnessing Christ through your occupation was somewhat a novel idea to many- but has proven effective since.

Occupational missions are efficient because instead of you investing into training, sending, and funding someone in hopes of propagating certain ideals or doctrines, you empower people as living displays of the transforming love of Jesus. Occupational missions are personal, and each of them unique. Afterall, repentance of hearts is an individual level work of the Holy Spirit.

When a Christian can share the Gospel with family and neighbors through thier occupation, the gospel becomes tangible, and the world sees the necessity of Christian missions. This is an early lesson we've learned.

We' ve been on the field for two generations. Uncompromising American Christian men and women have worked with us since 1998. Together, we have learned, grown, and have witnessed God's unfailing faithfulness.

If challenges help to appreciate what is truly important, 2020 did a marvelous job at it. The old hymn line “When Jesus comes, the tempter's power's broken” is true and alive today. Even as uncertainty, confusion, and fear took over, God allowed Sanma occupational missions to make inroads to the wretched cellars where sin kept people captives. That's what missions do.

Places where we work, many perceive the gospel as a foreign religion, and a threat to traditions. For this reason, many in India don't know what the gospel means.

Sanma missions don't make the missionary an agent of religion. Instead, they adorn people with the beauty of the gospel. None is more attractive than a person who's made free with the Truth of Jesus Christ. The scent of Christian faith is inlaid in occupational missions. The beauty of the gospel disarms resistance, connecting thirsty souls to the Water of Life, Jesus Christ. Occupational missions take “the church” to the world as people became letters of Christ.

Your gifts are vital for this work. Please contact us with your questions. We will answer to the best of our ability.

May the world see in you, the beauty and strength of missions.

Respectfully, in Christ,
James George

Possibility, not Poverty

"The disciples said to Him, "Where would we get so many loaves in this desolate place to satisfy such a large crowd?" And Jesus said to them, "How many loaves do you have?" Matthew 15:33-34

Jesus was beyond feeding the hungry. He reminded people to trust Him, and to use what they already have. Jesus can fill in the gap, so people can answer life's questions...

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The Organization

Established in 1998, Sanma is a Grand Prairie, Texas based 501 (c) 3 corporation that designs and implements programs that help build sustainable communities and ministries through occupational Christian missions. Since 2008, Sanma is a Featured Partner of the Volunteers For Prosperity program, a Whitehouse initiative with the USAID.

The program encourages American volunteers to spread the ideals of empowerment and freedom around the world, serving with qualified organizations. Sanma is a certified organization that identify those who meet the requirements of the program. American professionals from various backgrounds have served with Sanma and have received Presidential Service Award pins and recognition from the President' s office.

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A Glance Through the Years

Annual Letter 2020

Missions illustrate the beauty and power of Christian faith. When a Christian can share the Gospel with family and neighbors through thier occupation, the gospel becomes tangible, and the world sees the necessity of Christian missions.

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