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Gospel Helps Micro-Farmers Produce More

The micro-farmer community is 420 million strong, and produces 60% of the food for India. Sanma literacy classes and seminars help them produce higher quality food products and become exhibitions of God’s provision and abundance. Read more

Sewing Machine Sews Life Back

Means to earn a living and access to education empower women. Sewing machines prepare women to sustain and to become strong pillars of the society. When equipped with the knowledge of God’s love, their occupation preaches the Gospel. Read more

Sustainability through Safe Water

Mothers and children suffer the most when water is scarce. Access to clean water is a luxury to many. A deepwater-well gives water for 100 or more families- a tangible demonstration of the Gospel that anyone can understand.
Read more

Request Free Bibles
Resources permit, we give New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs (KJV) to those who request one. Please fill out the form and we will be glad to mail you a copy, postage free. Please click here to request your copy. This is for individual requests within India only, please.

multibooksRequest free copies of Sanma booklet; Re-Write Life Stories. The booklet is ideal to distribute at your church or anyone who wishes to re-write life stories of others with God’s love.

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