Who Are We?


Humanity loses when individuals don’t exercise their God-given talents. An overwhelming majority never get their day in the sun because they live a life that’s defined by society and their circumstances. Society categorizes them as a liability and weak. However, given a chance, they make meaningful contributions to humanity.

Sanma programs help people realize that they’re created with unique purposes. Occupational missions present ways for people to define life’s circumstances in the light of the Gospel. Since 1998, the Grand Prairie, Texas based organization has been a channel for people to get out of dependency and to become what God made them to be.

In place of discovering people’s weaknesses and being a handout ministry, we seek to help people discover their strengths and build sustainable communities.

Sanma Missions Grand Prairie
2100 N Hwy. 360 Suite 600 B
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Phone: 817 561 6868
Fax: 817 561 6870
Toll Free: 888 999 7997

Sanma Regional Office
National Highway 5
Mangalapalem AP 522 626
Phone: 800 809 8377


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