About Sanma


Established in 1998, Sanma is a Grand Prairie, Texas based 501 (c) 3 organization that designs and implements programs that help build sustainable communities and ministries through occupational Christian missions.

Missions outlined here have helped people realize their value, potential, and the abilities that God has placed in them. These, however, are not any preset model for anyone to follow. You can do similar things according to the situations you face. You don’t need an organization to do mission work. We are honored to be a channel for you to reach the people with the light of the gospel. Anyone can do missions work. Even in your own backyard or hometown.


True stories are beautiful. The truest one that you write is your own.

We are a small, passionate organization based in Grand Prairie, Texas that found ways to help people to inspire others with their own stories. We do, and support missions that empower people with the truth and equip them with the tools to make a living.
Our work was organized as a legal entity in 1998, giving us a more structured method, and giving a chance for you to join in. Through the twenty-five years past, we are seeing, and learning of the power of the gospel, applied through Occupational Missions to help people solve problems where they begin. This site is an effort to make known of the truth we found and to share with you what we learn.

Intentions of good policies such as welfare, and practices of charity come alive when applied with missions. This is the fundamental difference of who we are: freedom and independence through Gospel missions brings out the best in you. The freedom that the world promises keep you in confusion, in confinement. This was the story of the Samaritan woman. She thought she lived her life well and in freedom, but found herself in confusion and discontent, even bitterness. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings her freedom. None is more attractive than a person who’s set free by the truth.

Equipping the less resourced women, child laborer families, and missionaries with the tools to make a living, and to live out the gospel, Sanma Occupational Missions present a Christian approach to the problems of our world.


Because, an unworthy, timid force traps human lives into inescapable, eternal destruction. This tragedy happens every day, and it obstructs the progress of humanity. Gospel missions wage war against this force. On its side is a lone voice. Though shaky and feeble at times, it’s the voice of the truth that brings out something beautiful that was never there before; a liberated you. This spectacle occurs each time the gospel of Jesus Christ enters a life. In a world that makes people feeble minded, the gospel missions build up people with the mind of Christ! None is more powerful than a person who has the mind of Christ.

If the depth of a story is measured by the underlying conflict, the gospel missions deal with the greatest of all; man at odds with God. With no one to be found capable to negotiate a deal, the Cross of Christ set the table. And reconciliation was made possible. Gospel missions show love that is more than a feeling.


Governing Body


Mr. James George

Founder, Executive Director

Mr. George has been instrumental for God to shape Sanma a channel for missions. Mission organizations, churches, and individuals enjoy this platform that allowed them to empower people with the truth of Jesus Christ, and to equip them with the tools to live out the gospel.

Ms. Salomy Oromariyil

Treasurer, Board Member

Salomy Oromariyil is a founding member of the organization. Ms. Oromariyil has been with the ministry on its journey that God has led through the years. A gifted and talented administrator, Ms. Salomy serves God helping Sanma to stay accountable to the governments, and to God.

Pastor Mike Clark

Chairman, Board Member

Mike Clark is a local Pastor in Paris, Texas. Mike actively seeks ways to reach the youth and college students in and around the city with the gospel. Pastor Clark’s missionary work in China and other places have helped people find meaning to life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dr. Jay Turk, M.D.

Board Member

Missions that led by Dr. Turk gave have allowed medical professionals to become channels for the Great Physician, Jesus to reach people with His healing. Dr. Turk and his wife, Shelley, an FNP, both have received Presidential Service Awards for their services in foreign missions.
greg fletcher

Pastor Greg Fletcher

Board member

Greg Fletcher serves the Lord and seeks to make the Savior Jesus known as a local Pastor, a schoolteacher, and a volunteer firefighter in Clay County, Texas. Greg, his family, and his church have been involved in the mission of Sanma for more than two decades.

Mr. Roger Stanford

Board Member

An Information Technology professional to the corporate world, Mr. Stanford serves the Lord through ministries that bring the truth of Jesus Christ that sets people free. His efforts to give voice for those who are muted by financial hardships and social injustice have reached people in South America, China, and