Fresh Water Wells

“Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony,” John 4:39

The Samaritan woman had to travel away from her village for water because her village was not rich enough to own a well. The society considered them not worthy to get the attention of their leaders.

Centuries later, human nature remains the same. The people of SB Nagar hamlet didn’t have enough worth for their leaders to bring water lines for them. Their women walked about a mile each way fetching water for their daily needs.

Sanma water wells comforted an oppressed community of 1,100 families. The wells gave them water.

Strife over access to water can be common at places where water sources are scarce. We see the use of our wells as a bond of love and caring within the community, offering water for all who need them. After all, it is water, created by God. We just brought it up to the surface.

Today, a decade later, S.B. Nagar has two churches and several active prayer groups. It was once known for poverty and all that comes with it. A well of water helped to make their lives easier, and took a part in turning the people to the Water of Life, Jesus Christ.

The Samaritan woman testifies that their well was a gift from Jacob. Each day that well silently displayed the power and compassion of a man of God. Sanma water wells do the same – they display the beauty and compassion of people who can love others in Christ.

A Sanma well gives fresh water for up to 100 families each day.

Cost to build a well is $950 and each well has the signage: Whoever drinks of this water shall thirst again…” John 4:13 People ponder.  Some seek to know.  And they find the Water of Life , Jesus Christ.  Their souls will thirst no more.


“I have led medical missions to India with Sanma. Our team appreciated the opportunity to use our profession to introduce the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. Sanma is not a typical foreign mission agency. It’s a trustworthy organization that is well connected with the rural villages of India.”
Jay Turk, M.D.
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