Sewing Machines

Minolta DSC

Sewing Machines Stitch Lives Back Together

A Christian approach to gender equality, social injustice, and issues such as human trafficking.

A sewing machine allows young women to earn an income at home and gives the ability to resist practices such as human trafficking. Missionary families and members of the church earn a living through this mission. Ordinary people become influential displays of the Gospel.

Financial conditions of her family forced Roopa to discontinue school. Like many others in her situation, her beauty became her enemy. She was a target for human trafficking.

In a system where the rich get wealthier, the poor get exploited and often an opportunity for a worthy life becomes rare if not non-existent.

The sewing machine program is a Christian approach to combat practices such as human trafficking, addressing the problem where it begins. Many sewing machine recipients lead or host prayer groups and home churches.

A sewing machine equips a less fortunate youth with the tool to make a living and to praise God through occupation.  Social injustices are solved right where it begins when potential victims are empowered with tools and the Gospel.

Cost of a sewing machine $95