Bibles In Indian Languages

God is honored in the production process at Sanma Bible Press. We are not a commercial printer that prints huge quantities of everything. Sanma Bible Press is a smaller operation that is exclusive for Bibles. When Bibles are not printed, the press remains idle. It is a place where ministers of the Word come together to pray for the places and people that need Bibles, produce the Bibles in their languages, and respectfully deliver where they need them.

From unloading the paper, through the packing of Bibles and loading them on to bicycles and trucks, God’s Word is handled by people who fear God. And God has honored this mission. Bibles are made in our press, in various languages and sizes, and are distributed across India, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and other places where God’s Word is scarce.¬†God’s Word has brought healing – spiritual, physical, and material, to people and to their communities. READ MORE

"SANMA gets it! They understand that mission is about reaching others by offering real answers to the real needs of those whom they have a chance to touch. It is about sustainability and presence, not 'dump and run.' And it's all done in the name of Jesus so that His kingdom can be spread in India. SANMA is the real deal"
Pastor Terry Cagle
Christ Community Church, Arlington, TX
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