What we share with you here are some of our efforts that brought good results in the battle against the forces that keep people from living out their purpose. When choosing a mission, we ask the Lord to help us qualify it in the light of eternity. Doing so can help steer away from doing something because it made us feel good, rather than a real solution.

Our prayer is that each of your mission would make a sober, conscious step forward in the battle against the devil and his works that keep people captive. When you do missions, you’re on the frontline on the battlefield. You need God’s protection, His provision, and most of all His direction. There’s amazing power in operating under His direction. God can use seemingly small efforts to bring great results.

We are grateful that God worked through our efforts for people to realize their value, potential, and the abilities that God has placed in them. These however, are not any preset module for anyone to follow. You can do similar things according to the situations you face. Our mission is to help people find purpose in life, and that is possible when you live out the truth about life. The gospel of Jesus Christ makes sense to life, it makes accomplishments meaningful. These projects have afforded people live with purpose. Witnessing that has brought us tremendous satisfaction.

A Bible distribution method that affords missionaries in India and Africa an occupation

God is honored in the production process at Sanma Bible Press. We are not a commercial printer that prints huge quantities of everything. Sanma Bible Press is a smaller operation that is exclusive for Bibles. When Bibles are not printed, the press remains idle. It is a place where ministers of the Word come together to pray for the places and people that need Bibles, produce the Bibles in their languages, and respectfully deliver where they need them.

A Christian approach to Child Labor that deprives 23 million children a childhood.

This is a program that affords supplement income for families with a minimum amount of time and space to be dedicated for it. With some financial freedom, parents of less resourced families can keep their children having to join the workforce to earn. Distribution of goats and other animals have helped people earn better, and to care for their children. These tools have allowed people to experience God’s blessings in their lives as they practice His principles.

Ways to witness Savior Christ through small enterprises that sustain families.

The micro-farmer community is 420 million strong, and produces 60% of the food for India. Sanma literacy classes and seminars help them produce higher quality food products and become exhibitions of God’s provision and abundance. We don’t send missionaries to them. We help farmers get access to water, and provide tools and supplies.


Protecting the feet of less fortunate children from contaminated soil.

Children live in the slums get sick oftener because they’re constantly exposed to contaminated soil around their dwellings. When a child is sick, a parent loses the wages, which equates to the basic needs of the very day. To many children a pair of shoes is a cherished gift that their parents can’t afford.

A Christian approach to women empowerment and human trafficking.

A sewing machine affords young women to earn an income at home and gives the ability to resist practices such as human trafficking. Missionary families and members of the church earn a living through this mission. Ordinary people become influential displays of the Gospel. Financial conditions of her family forced Roopa to discontinue school. Like many others in her situation, her beauty became her enemy. She was a target for human traffickers. When in system the rich grew very rich, and the poor is exploited, opportunity for a worthy life becomes rare.

Provides fresh water for struggling neighborhoods.

The Samaritan woman had to travel away from her village for water because her village was not rich enough to own a well. The society considered them not worthy to get the attention of their leaders. Centuries later, human nature remains the same. The people of SB Nagar hamlet didn’t have enough worth for their leaders to bring water lines for them. Their women walked about a mile each way fetching water for their daily needs. Sanma water wells comforted an oppressed community of 1,100 families. The wells gave them water. Strife over access to water can be common at places where water sources are scarce. We seek use our wells a bond of love and caring within the community, offering water for all who need them. After all, it is water, created by God. We just brought it up to the surface.

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