Bibles in Indian Languages

A Bible distribution method that provides jobs for Christians and locally.

Freedom Goats

A Christian approach to Child Labor that deprives 23 million children a childhood.

Missionary Farming

Ways to witness Savior Christ through small enterprises that sustain families.

Shoes for Children

Protecting the feet of less fortunate children from contaminated soil.

Sewing Machines

A Christian approach to women empowerment and human trafficking.

Fresh Water Wells

Provides fresh water for struggling neighborhoods.

Shoes for Children


Children live in the slums get sick oftener because they’re constantly exposed to contaminated soil around their dwellings. When a child is sick, a parent loses the wages, which equates to the basic needs of the very day. To many children a pair of shoes is a cherished gift that their parents can't afford.

We occasionally distribute shoes for children and teach them of healthy living practices. Some do not have anyone to give them basic lessons about life. Though not much of an expensive gift, we get to connect with young lives. They have a right to be loved. God wants them to know He loves them. This is an avenue to make God's love known.

A pair of shoes goes beyond making a child happy, or helping a family. Such gestures of caring open the door for the child to know that God loves them. We understand the sufferings. We also know, the real solution to the problems of our suffering world is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A pair of shoes: $5.00