Bibles in Indian Languages

A Bible distribution method that provides jobs for Christians and locally.

Freedom Goats

A Christian approach to Child Labor that deprives 23 million children a childhood.

Missionary Farming

Ways to witness Savior Christ through small enterprises that sustain families.

Shoes for Children

Protecting the feet of less fortunate children from contaminated soil.

Sewing Machines

A Christian approach to women empowerment and human trafficking.

Fresh Water Wells

Provides fresh water for struggling neighborhoods.

Freedom Goats


This is a program that affords supplement income for families with a minimum amount of time and space to be dedicated for it. With some financial freedom, parents of less resourced families can keep their children having to join the workforce to earn. Distribution of goats and other animals have helped people earn better, and to care for their children. These tools have allowed people to experience God's blessings in their lives as they practice His principles.

When we met a young girl and her widow mother that lived in a rural neighborhood of Kavoor, we didn’t know how much their lives could change with a small herd of animals. Their lives began to change when a pair of goats were added to the household. The family cherished the animals. Milk, and offspring of goats supplemented the family's income.

Today, Anjali and her mom enjoy their life, they serve the Lord, and support the local church. Freedom Goats program is a Christian approach to a real problem that deprives many children in India and Africa a childhood.

"The most commonsense missions. Christ centered. We should know this before setting out for international missions."
- Pastor Ken Goode, Eastlake Baptist Church, in Tyler, Texas

A pair of goats: $70.00