Bibles in Indian Languages

A Bible distribution method that provides jobs for Christians and locally.

Freedom Goats

A Christian approach to Child Labor that deprives 23 million children a childhood.

Missionary Farming

Ways to witness Savior Christ through small enterprises that sustain families.

Shoes for Children

Protecting the feet of less fortunate children from contaminated soil.

Sewing Machines

A Christian approach to women empowerment and human trafficking.

Fresh Water Wells

Provides fresh water for struggling neighborhoods.

Missionary Farming


The micro-farmer community is 420 million strong, and produces 60% of the food for India. Sanma literacy classes and seminars help them produce higher quality food products and become exhibitions of God’s provision and abundance. We don’t send missionaries to them. We help farmers get access to water, and provide tools and supplies.

Micro-farmers work hard and they care about others. Sanma seeks to give them a chance experience the dynamic nature of the Gospel, so that he can become a blessing to his community, and to help solve some pressing issues of our world.

We are convinced that missionary farmers and village churches have an integral role to help meet the higher demand for food and to establish sustainable local communities.

Stories from the field:

Only until a few months ago, you would find Mr. Naik in the afternoons sitting at his hut’s porch. He would wonder about the future of his children. His neighborhood is made up of farm laborers who worked for large farm owners. Three months out of the year they don’t have work. This means hardly one meal a day. With the current level of income, sending his children to school was not an option for him.

Naik is sitting with his children today, not wondering about their future, but as a proud father and a confident man who is grateful for being able to provide his children education! The change Sanma brought to his life was simple, yet dramatic.

Naik joined Sanma CEC, and received literacy, and he received a pair of plowing oxen. With the help of these animals, Naik is doing the same job he was doing, but earning three times as much. Each day, as he cares for his animals, and builds up a happy family, he is also trying to define you. In his definition, you are more than a giver; you impacted their life with compassion.