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About Sanma

Since 1998 Sanma has been a trusted organization that helped to establish sustainable communities in rural India through missions. Sanma is 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization registered with the federal government of the United States. We are located in Arlington, Texas.We have a purpose; to help every person, regardless of their background of any kind, to achieve his/ her fullest potential. Sometimes the society writes people off. And some other times people do it themselves. We believe it is too early for you to write off yourself because, God has not.We have a story; the story of people whose lives re-written for the better. Yes, such happen when people give themselves a chance again, and more importantly, trust God enough to give Him a chance.We seek to establish sustainable developments powered by knowledge and by God’s love.Our missions empower and equip defenseless women and children with literacy and tools to make better living, defend their dignity and get ahead in life.We crossover man-made borders such as religion and reach people because we believe true missions should be free from the desire to build up a religion- but to build up people.

United States

5840 Interstate 20 West 140
Arlington TX 76017 USA
Phone: 1 817 561 6868
Toll Free: 888 999 7997
Fax: 1 817 561 6870

Central & East India

Sanma Regional Office
National Highway 5
Mangalapalem AP 522 626
Phone: 91 897 745 2005
Fax: 91 864 725 7679